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Custom Bathroom Designs

The aesthetics and functionality of a bathroom add value to a house despite being a smaller space than the other parts of your home. Thus, it is unquestionable that several homeowners prefer having custom bathroom designs over generic ones. If you want your house to have a bathroom design that suits your preferences and matches your house’s feels, Sharp Design Solutions will turn your ideas into action.

Add Ambience

A bathroom may just be a place where you can take a bath or shower and carry out activities for hygienic purposes, but it is more than just that to others. It is where they can get ready during the morning and reflect on their actions after a long day.

For this reason, the ambience of the space plays an important part in its design. Let us know about the warmth, lighting, and colour you want, and we’ll provide you with a timeless bathroom design.

Create Comfort

Sharp Design Solutions’ team of sophisticated bathroom designers aims to provide you with a relaxing atmosphere so you can have that momentary space of solitude in your home. We guarantee you that you will have the comfort you need on top of having a functional bathroom space.

Have a Safe Space

The ambience and level of comfort of a bathroom align with how safe the space is for everything you want to do. Apart from its hygienic function, a bathroom must also give you the freedom to sing your heart out in the shower while not caring about being seen by other people.

Our custom bathroom designs give you a space to be clean and free, a place where you can feel your emotions freely should you want to decompress or celebrate.

Style According to Your Specifications

While we impart our knowledge regarding interior designs and give you pieces of advice on how to style your bathroom, we assure you that we do our interior design services with you in mind. We see to it that we follow your specifications and preferences as we custom-make your bathroom. We promise to deliver the bathroom style you have visualised into a concrete space.

High-End Bathroom Interior Designs

Sharp Design Solutions boasts of its reputation as one of the best firms that offer services in interior design in Sydney, Australia. We make sure that we guide our clients, helping them identify the best use of space in their homes, from their living room to the bathroom.

So, if you want to have a high-end custom bathroom design with a price that fits your budget, there’s nowhere else you can run to but Sharp Design Solutions. We guarantee you that we will give the best service from planning to execution.

About Us

We are an experienced furniture and interior design company offering individual bespoke design services.

The principle interior designer Paul Sharpless, has over 30 years of design experience in a myriad of design fields.


Paul at Sharp Design Solutions has a wealth of knowledge which he happily shared with us. Our home renovation is wonderful to live in, especially during the current Covid 19 lock down. We are extremely happy with the result. Paul showed complete professionalism with dedication to his work and promptness. I recommend Sharp Design Solutions completely.



Sydney, Australia


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