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Over 30 Years of Design Experience

We rely on professional advice for many things in our everyday life, accountants, architects, bankers, builders, journalists, motor mechanics, school teachers, university lecturers, weather forecasters, and many more. When it comes to interior design, we’ve got the professional perspective that you need. At Sharp Design Solutions, we have the best interior designers Sydney has to offer. With our designers, solutions for your problems will be addressed.

Rely on the experience and knowledge of Sharp Design Solutions.

Working with us means enjoying the following benefits:  

  • valuable advice and knowledge,
  • saving money as well as making us money,
  • knowledge to avoid serious and costly mistakes,
  • more enjoyable lives,
  • new ways to do things we never knew or thought possible,
  • a valuable network of services and products,
  • ways to save time,
  • ways to make us look and feel better,

Being professionals and the best interior designers in Sydney with over 30 years of experience, Sharp Design Solutions will help you achieve the design you always wanted.


We will save you from making costly mistakes.

Designing a space yourself can be costly and may create more problems than it solves.

You can make a mistake by selecting the wrong roof colour, the wrong window or door pattern, the wrong exterior colour, the wrong position for furniture, the wrong floor layouts, or the wrong product or tradesperson. All these mistakes will cost a lot and you have no choice but to live with them. What we do is give you options that you will surely benefit from.

We will add value to your home or space.

We will come up with ideas and solutions you would never think of. We will also suggest solutions that will allow you to save money and add value to your property.

Moreover, we are also there for you in the future, helping you to build your plans, answering any questions you have, and providing constant style and expanding knowledge. Real estate is one of the most booming markets. With our help, you can fix your home in a way that anyone who sees it will surely want to live there.

We will give you our professional insight.

Interior designers are able to get discounted prices for their clients. Designers will also provide independent advice to their clients.

If you go to a kitchen installation company, they are only interested in selling their product to clients. As independent interior designers, we can be impartial to the decisions we make for our clients, ensuring you get the best result and not a result based on a particular business that may not have the product or service most suited to you.

Design ideas for a living room in Sydney.

We will save you time.

Our team will make sure that your project is accomplished on time.

You are our priority, so we provide choices with you in mind. By giving you a list of the things, you need, you waste no time completing the project. You won’t have to deal with any headaches when working with us. If problems do arise, our designers have solutions that are sure to fix things.

We will provide a network of suppliers and contractors

Some suppliers are only wholesalers and are not accessible to the general public. Being an interior design company, we can introduce you to these wholesale suppliers.


Start your Project Now!

If you are looking for the best interior designers in Sydney, Shard Design Solutions is the one to count on. For more information about what we do, don’t hesitate to call us on 0414 91 91 91.

Paul at Sharp Design Solutions has a wealth of knowledge which he happily shared with us. Our home renovation is wonderful to live in, especially during the current Covid 19 lock down. We are extremely happy with the result. Paul showed complete professionalism with dedication to his work and promptness. I recommend Sharp Design Solutions completely.



Sydney, Australia


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